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Welcome to the World of PAS Polo

Welcome to the PAS Polo Blog – your digital meeting place for everything about polo! We look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant community of polo enthusiasts and passionate players.

About the PAS Polo Blog:

This blog is more than just a source of information. Here we delve into the fascinating world of polo and share stories, tips, trends and exciting insights with you. Discover the passion, tradition and global perspective of PAS Polo as we take you on a journey through the polo world.

What awaits you in the PAS Polo Blog:

  1. Monthly Polo Tips: Learn valuable tips and tricks from our experts to take your polo game to the next level. From techniques to exercises, discover new things every month to perfect your skills.

  2. Behind the scenes: Get exclusive insights into the world of PAS Polo. Be there when we prepare tournaments, organize events, train young horses and much more.

  3. Polo Lifestyle: Experience the polo lifestyle in all its diversity. We share useful products, cultural insights of Argentina, travel adventures and everything that makes the polo lifestyle so unique.

  4. Community: The PAS Polo Blog is not just a source of information, but a place for exchange. Share your thoughts, experiences and passion for polo with our growing community.

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