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PAS offers both riding and polo lessons for all levels. We focus on horsemanship, polo riding skills, hitting technique and game strategy. The training takes place daily from mid- April to October. 


At our polo school, we believe horsemanship and a good knowledge of horseback riding is fundamental for any great polo player. It is important to us that all of our students respect and learn to take care for their four-legged team member.


Private Riding Lesson
(45 minutes)

 In the private riding lessons we focus on the riding basics. This includes understanding the language of the horses, learning how to communicate correctly between rider and horse, understanding the equipment and its function and practicing the basics shots from the (wooden) horse. 

Private Polo Lesson

(1 hour)

The private polo lessons are designed to give you 1-1 coaching with a focus on your desires & level. You will learn how to execute each shot properly.

Group Polo Lesson
(1 hour, 3 people )

Group polo lessons are designed for people who have prior riding experience. Your lesson will start with a brief overview of the game and introduction with the foot mallets. The lesson will then progress into your positioning on the horse to enable your swing to have maximum effect and impact. 

Polo Pony PAS Polo.jpg

Polo trial day at PAS Polo – duration 3 hours

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of polo with the Polo Trial Day from PAS Polo! In just 3 hours you will gain an insight into the fascination of this noble sport.

What awaits you:

  • Theoretical introduction

  • Training on the ground with the “walking sticks”

  • Introduction to riding and controlling the horse

  • Ride

  • The perfect “swing”: hitting exercises on the horse 

  •  Combination of riding and hitting the ball

Up to 4 people can take part in a trial course.

Non-alcoholic drinks and snacks are served as standard during the polo trial day. 



for students & lessons. 

  • There is no prior riding experience required.

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before the lesson starts.

  • All lessons must be paid in full before scheduled riding time. 

  • Lesson packages must be used within the same season. 

  • Polo equipment can be provided by us. If damaged, the equipment must be replaced.

Alexa Young, CA

I am extremely satisfied with the Polo Academy Switzerland. Through the private lessons (polo and riding) with Jonatan, I was able to improve and continuously optimize my skills and tactics within a few months. Customers' needs are individually addressed here. Varied training hours in a "family environment". The stables and facility (sand court, sand track, two big polo fields) are huge and very well maintenance and the horses are perfectly trained. I always look forward to training with the Argentine horses. Pretty great experience, Thanks to Jonatan and Julika 😊 Can`t wait for the next Chukker.

Morgan James, NY

Very professional and nice care. Great horses and very good, instructive hours with lots of fun and action.

Lisa Driver, MI

Amazing host, horses and stable! Loved my first lesson - I'll be back🤩. Muchas gracias!
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