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Embark on the ultimate polo getaway with PAS Polo: Polo Holidays in Spain and Argentina. Immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of polo while enjoying the country life, expert coaching, and the vibrant cultures that define these two incredible destinations.

Why choose 
PAS Polo Holidays

  • Expert coaching in breathtaking surroundings

  • Get to know the real polo life

  • Tailored polo experiences

  • Global polo network

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Discover the thrill of polo in two enchanting destinations:



Choose between the stunning beaches of Andalusia or the vibrant cityscape of Madrid for your next  polo adventure. Whether by the beach in Andalusia or just right outside of Madrid, PAS Polo's Polo Holidays promise unparalleled settings for your stay. Together with our partner academy you benefit from the expertise of seasoned instructors, who guide you through tailored coaching sessions to enhance your polo skills.



Only a short 1-hour and a half drive from Buenos Aires, our exclusive polo retreat offers a unique blend of traditional Argentine hospitality, exhilarating polo experiences, and the timeless beauty of the Argentine country life. PAS Polo brings you an authentic taste of Argentine polo culture, ensuring that every aspect of your holiday reflects the passion and traditions of this polo-loving nation.

How to book your polo holiday

Ready to embark on a polo adventure? Contact PAS Polo to customize your Polo Holiday in Spain or Argentina. Whether you're a seasoned player or a polo enthusiast looking to learn, our holidays cater to every level of expertise.

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